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Who Can Help You Increase Your Business?

Acro Design is the combined creative talents of Robb & Bea!

Robb is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio and a graduate of The Ohio State University. Bea who is from Gloucester, Massachusetts, lived most of her life on Cape Ann. Now they both live in beautiful Delray Beach, Florida!

Robb went to Clark University for graphic art and web design and worked at advertising publications, newspapers and in the sign industry. He has also created marketing materials, news letters and corporate identities for many of his clients.

Bea works closely with him in creating these products. As a photographer, she has worked for a local studio in portrait photography, and has done freelance work in portrait, wedding, sport and landscape photography. Be sure to visit Photographer In Motion to view some of her work!

We take pride in our work and that’s why we work closely with you to create designs and an image that best represents you and your product/service.

Whether it is a logo, a website or business cards, Acro Design can be your one-stop company.

So if you are just starting a new business or need some "refreshing" give us a call at 978-317-6977!
Or if you prefer, send us an email at


Is a New Brand Identity What you Need?

How will customers remember YOU?



Just as you as a person have an image and a reputation, your company has an image and a reputation or Brand Identity. How you dress, groom yourself and carry yourself all determine how you are seen. And your company image is no different!

Everything your company does or does not do establishes your Brand Identity. How do you want customers to remember YOU? Your logo, business cards and letterheads are usually one of the first impressions that a potential customer has of you. Sometimes it is the only image of you they have.

Do you want your customers to hold onto your information? Would you prefer to impress prospects with your company's literature and have them remember your image and your Brand Identity?

We will work with you on everything from a new logo for your company, to business cards, envelopes, letterheads and mailers! In short, a brand-new Brand Identity.

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