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Would you like...a New Company Logo?

A logo will help Brand your company into the public's mind!

The biggest companies in the world have created logos to stand behind that do not even need words to be recognized around the world.

If you saw two yellow arches joined in the middle, you think hamburgers. If you saw one big black circle with two small black circles on the top, you would think of a cute little mouse with a huge empire. And if you saw a single curved checkmark swoosh... well it's sporting goods that come to your mind.

Logo's brand your image into the public's mind. And that's where you you want YOUR company to be...on the top of everyone's mind. Companies that do this best have their company name become synonymous with their product such as, the kind of clear tape you use to wrap presents, the number one brand of facial tissues, and everyone's favorite cola (Scotch, Kleenex and Coke). Sure there are others, but these brands have become almost interchangeable with the products.

Let Acro Design create a brand image for your company that will be an image you are proud to stand behind and your customers will believe in!

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